CSR - Naturally socially responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the integration of social and environmental requirements by companies in their business operations and relationships with stakeholders. CSR concerns the ethical implications within the strategic vision of the company and manifests as the willingness of large, small, and medium enterprises to effectively manage social and ethical impact issues both internally and externally, in their reference territory.

Globally, a new concept is emerging that is based heavily on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, namely the concept of Shared Value, which translates into adopting a corporate policy capable of harmonizing its own objectives with social and environmental ones, with a view to sustainability, that is, with the intent of preserving the environmental, social, and human heritage for current and future generations.

Consistent with its vision and mission, Yacht Club Milano adopts methods and action criteria inspired by CSR and is always available to collaborate proactively with all companies that adhere to these principles, including Y.C.M.’s Code of Ethics, and are willing to have a positive impact in the following areas:

– Ethics and social responsibility at all levels;

– Safeguarding the sea, waters, and the environment;

– Education of young people and the public on the values of sports;

– Charitable initiatives.