BURGEE - Symbol of Milan's nautical tradition

The burgees are flags that, regardless of their shape, identify a recreational nautical organization.

The burgee of Yacht Club Milano encompasses the history and tradition of our city.

The red cross on a white background (the well-known Cross of St. George) was adopted in the Middle Ages as a symbol of the Lombard city and faithfully replicates the standard used by the Duchy of Milan from 1395 to 1797, which was the official banner of the state (the Vexillum publicum) over the centuries. This symbolism was then taken as inspiration for the coat of arms of the Municipality of Milan.

The biscione (el bisson in Milanese) placed in the center of the burgee replicates the War Flag (the Vexillum civitas) adopted in the golden age dominated by the noble Visconti and Sforza families from 1277 to 1499. The association of the biscione with the Cross of St. George in the burgee of Yacht Club Milano is not accidental. In fact, the Barca Lariana Museum in Pianello del Lario (Como) preserves an ancient nautical flag of Milan that depicts the red cross on a white background with the biscione in the first quarter.

Yacht Club Milano has a specific regulation for the use of the Club’s burgee, which anyone, without exception, must adhere to.