MANIFESTO - The compass of our navigation


Over the centuries, Milan has developed a special relationship with water and navigation.

The construction of the Navigli, with the ingenious contribution of Leonardo da Vinci, connected the heart of the thriving city with northern Europe through Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, and with the Adriatic Sea through the Po River. Besides, in the early 1900s, a commercial project called “Porto di Mare” was even undertaken in the southeast area of the metropolis.

Despite not overlooking the sea, this city, a national cultural and economic hub, hosts the largest number of Italian shipowners, many yachtsmen both on the lake and at sea, and flourishing nautical-related economic activities, from insurance to logistics, from advanced technology to design, of which Milan is a renowned capital.

The Yacht Club Milano is at the center of this ecosystem, spreading maritime and navigation culture, representing the interests of shipowners in the city, and is an unique opportunity for all those who love boating to meet and promote the values of respect among people and nature.

rudder yacht club milano


– To spread maritime and navigation culture, both sailing and motor, and with other means, among all those who recognize themselves in the spirit, ethics, and maritime traditions and who intend, in unity of purpose and activity, to transmit and expand the culture related to water activities, in respect and protection of them.

– To represent the interests of shipowners in Milan and those who have a particular personal or professional relationship with the city, and to promote collaborations and twinning both nationally and internationally with other yacht clubs and nautical circles.

– To organize events, book presentations, congresses, meetings, and to be a place of meeting and aggregation in the name of cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of human and civil maturation and growth, through the ideal of lifelong education.

– To organize, also in collaboration with other associations and public and private entities, training courses, sailing courses of all levels, nautical licenses courses, sub courses, nautical engine maintenance courses, meteorology courses, mooring courses, study holidays, team building activities, and any other related activity.